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2024 Salmond Ball

Saturday 18th May 2024

2024 Welcome Dinner

Sunday 3rd March 2024

The annual 'Mond' welcome dinner was hosted at the end of the first week of lectures, this was when the residents were officially welcomed into the college. It was this night that the residents first learned our college song 'Scarfie Roads'. Welcome to 'The Mond' Fam, residents!

Garden Party

Saturday 24th February 2024

Live music with 'Caribou', good weather, and meeting fellow residents outside on the lawn, for some socialising, volleyball, and yes, a couple of drinks. Another great night in 'The Mond' for O-week with people breaking out of their shells and making new friends. 

Alphabet Hop

Saturday 24th February 2024

What exactly is an 'Alphabet Hop'? Well, it's simple really, you come dressed as something or someone that starts with the same letter as your first name. A big shout out to Nick Bates who came as a Ninja (thankfully no ninja moves were attempted throughout the evening) 

Toga, Toga, Toga!

Thursday 22nd February 2024

A rite of passage for Otago Students, or just a weird excuse to wear only a sheet to a party? Anyway, toga went off again this year, and staff handed out safety pins from the office, 'so we had you covered'! Buses took residents to the event, and Nick and Rachael did van trips to get everyone back safely to 'The Mond'. 

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