Salmond College

Salmond College Te Kāreti o Salmond

Applying to live at Salmond

To apply for a place at Salmond, complete the University’s online Application Form. If you have queries about this, contact the University of Otago Accommodation Office at or the Head of Salmond College If you are studying at Otago Polytechnic, you still complete the online application form, selecting Polytechnic when given the option.

2023 Fees

The fees for the 2023 academic year consist of an entry fee of $975.00 (which includes an administration fee, building levy and student activities' fee) and College fees of $18,696 for University of Otago students (38 weeks) and College fees of $19,680 for Polytechnic students (40 weeks), a cost of $492.00 per week.  Payment plans are available and communicated when offers are made.

Salmond is a home away from home where you will be known, cared for, supported and nurtured. 

Whatever your academic pursuits, we welcome your application.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a tour.

Salmond selection criteria

Salmond is a community of scholars from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. A primary consideration for admission is academic merit, but the confidential reference provided by a school is another important factor in the selection process.

The College seeks students from a wide variety of backgrounds who are keen to participate in College life, engage with others in the community and apply themselves to their course of study. Preference may be given to those who have proved themselves proficient in cultural areas, in the sporting arena, in leadership roles and in their contribution to the community at large. Salmond values people who value others, and who contribute to and enjoy community life.

An applicant will be judged solely on the information submitted by applicants and information provided by referees, so when applying, we encourage you to include as much relevant information as possible.