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Salmond College Te Kāreti o Salmond

Salmond and Knox Foundation Scholarship winners 2020

Tuesday 10th March 2020

It was a special ooccasion to celebrate the achievements of Dewni Fernando, Kate Caradus, Khayshia Beckmann and Lesieli Latu (absent) at a special ceremony on 10tth March 2020.


New Carter in the house

Sunday 1st March 2020

Facebook page

Thursday 20th February 2020

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Richard gets amongst Sports Day

Thursday 20th February 2020

Richard Hewitt, Deputy Head of Salmond, couldn't resist the opportunity to paint up for Sports Day and represent Salmond in the way only a true loyal can.

Sports Day 2020

Thursday 20th February 2020

What a hit Salmond College were on sports day - great participation, lots of team spirit and lots of wins across the day. Let's face it, Salmond has lots of psorting talent in 2020 and already there is a keenness to dominate in certain areas of the intercollegiate competition. Hot pick - keep an eye out for the volleyball and netball teams in particular. You heard it here first ;)


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