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Residents' Handbook for 2021

The link below will take you to the 2021 Residents' Handbook which contains information about everything Salmond. Although residents who have completed a contract have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the handbook, we encourage residents to regularly refer back to the handbook. All residents will have a hard copy of the handbook placed in their room prior to opening day.

Before you arrive:

What to Bring:

  • Students should bring with them any plates, food containers or other utensils needed for between-meal snacks. The College provides toasters, microwave ovens and refrigerators in student common rooms.
  • Residents are responsible for ensuring that all personal electrical equipment is safe and in good working order. All electrical appliances should be certified as safe by a registered electrician before being brought into the College.
  • The College provides each student with a duvet, a pillow and can supply extra blankets if requested. Some students may wish to bring an extra pillow, or other bedding. Such items should be named.
  • The College supplies sheets and one pillowcase. Residents supply their own towels. Sheets and pillowcases are laundered by the College; towels and personal laundry are the responsibility of each individual resident. All clothing should be clearly named.
  • A laundry basket and washing powder.

What not to bring:

  • Heaters, toasters, and other cooking equipment/appliances are not permitted because of fire safety regulations and must not be brought for use in student rooms. If for medical reasons you require access to an applicance, e.g. a small fridge for diabetic medication, contact the Head of College to discuss.
  • Electric blankets – the College buildings are centrally heated, and electric blankets are a fire hazard.
  • Irons and ironing boards are provided; do not bring your own iron.
  • Furniture – all rooms are fully furnished.
  • Firearms – Salmond College does not have a secure firearms storage facility, and it is not legal to store firearms in cars. If you have a firearm for sporting purposes you, the University Proctor's Office has secure gun storage for a small annual fee, and can be contacted on 03 4794888

What should I do when I first get to Salmond?

When you arrive at the College, the RLs and admin staff will be available to take you to your room and to show you around.

Residents should go to the Office to pick up their room keycard, which they willl sign for, and their room check form. Residents can register their vehicle by supplying their license plate number to the administration staff, and they will receive a Salmond Parking Permit.

There is no accommodation available for friends or family on Opening day, or during the first week of the year. We recommend family make bookings at nearby motels or hotels. Family and friends are welcome to come and help residents move in and tea and coffee will be available, along with a BBQ on opening day.

Salmond will have a busy programme during the opening week so that residents can meet each other and start making friends. We recommend residents stay in College as much as possible and make the most of opportunities to meet with other residents and get a feel for College life.

Ideas for Parents/Guardians and Friends

It is important that residents feel at home in their rooms. Anything that makes their space more comfortable is always welcome e.g. cushions, throws, framed photos, lights, posters, etc. (please note that only genuine Blutac can be used - no nails, screws sellotape, drawing pins, etc. are allowed).

On Opening Day, there will be an address from the Head of College and other staff to any parents who would like to attend. This will cover a number of facets of College life.

Residents always appreciate care packs throughout the year and these can be couriered directly to Salmond. The address is:

Salmond College
19 Knox Street
North East Valley
Dunedin 9010

Residents will be notified when parcels, home baking, flowers arrive for them. Please ensure packages are clearly labelled with the correct name.

Academic support


In association with the University's Student Learning Centre, we also offer general study skills sessions and examination techniques. In some cases, residents may require extra help outside the tutorial programme, there are a number of options available. Residents should not hesitate to contact the Deputy Head for advice.

We strongly recommend that residents explore the Student Learning Centre Resources before embarking on their University study.

Study Hours

All students have the right to be able to study in a quiet environment, and after 9:30pm it is essential that the accommodation areas of the college are quiet. We encourage students to use the common room facilities when relaxing.

Respecting the learning needs of all students is a key part of living in community.

Library and Tutorial Rooms

There are three rooms set up as tutorial rooms and group work rooms during term time for resident use. The library may also be used as a study area – it has a small stock of non-fiction and a much larger one of fiction books for recreational reading.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Each member of Salmond accepts a responsibility to help make life within the College as safe, healthy and enjoyable as possible.

If you need help, or just want to talk about something you are concerned about, feel free to talk with any of the Residential Leaders, the Deputy Head or the Head of College.


All illness should be reported to your Residential Leader, and during Office hours, the administation team. If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms, fever, cough, breathing difficulties, runny nose, sore throat, consult Healthline on 0800 611116 to confirm whether a Covid Test is required, and report this to your RL and the Office.

For non-urgent illness, residents should make their own appointments at Student Health. The University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic both operate a medical and counselling service. For urgent cases the Deputy Head of College is able to make special appointments.


The University of Otago Chaplaincy Service has an excellent booklet on homesickness which you may find useful. This is available at the link below.

General information

For more indepth information and up-to-date protocols please refer to the Residents' Handbook at the top of this page.


Residents are encouraged to look upon their bedrooms as their homes for the year and keep them tidy. Rooms are cleaned once a week by our contracted cleaning staff on a roster which Residential Leaders will communicate. Residents may borrow a vacuum cleaner from the store room on the ground floor if they wish to clean their room at other times, which should be returned immediately after use so they are available to other residents.

Posters and pictures may be used to decorate rooms, but only blu-tac should be used to put them up. Nothing is to be fixed to the ceiling. At the end of the year the room is to be left in the condition in which it was found. A charge is made for all damaged or missing items – any accidental damage should be reported immediately.

Sheet Change

Sheet change takes place from the linen room on Page Ground corridor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from approximately 7.00-7.30pm. Residents may change their sheets and pillowcase once a week


An electronic swipe card is issued to each resident. This enables them to access their bedroom and all appropriate areas of the College. Residents are advised to always keep their doors locked when they leave their room.

Luggage Storage

One clearly labelled item of luggage may be stored in the luggage room on the ground floor, if there is space available. Extra luggage items should be stored in the resident's room.


Mail is sorted by the office staff on weekdays and the duty RL at weekends, and letters for residents are put in the pigeonholes at the end of Page Ground floor corridor. Parcels and registered mail are kept at the office for residents to collect – a list of residents receiving such mail is posted weekdays on the electronic noticeboard.
Please make sure that the resident’s name is clearly marked on any packages/envelopes.


Pets are not permitted in the College.


Salmond College and its grounds are smoke and vape free areas, both inside and outside the building. However there is a small area beside the bikeshed at the rear of the building where smokers and vapers may indulge. There is no tolerance for smoking or vaping in the building as it is a fire risk and can activate the fire detection system.


Residents should enter any maintenance requests on the student portal so that issues can be attended to promptly. Emergency situations, such as leaks or faults should be reported to administration staff during office hours, or the RL on duty after hours.

Transport and parking


Bikes can be stored in the locked shed at the rear of the College, or the bike racks in the quad. It is strongly suggested that bikes are kept locked at all times and insured. 


Resident car parking is available free of charge in the student car park. Because the car park is accessible to the public it is recommended that valuables are not left in cars. The car park can be full at times. If this is the case, residents should find parks on the street nearby the College.

Residents may not park in the staff or visitor parks at the front of the College. Any resident cars parked in staff or visitor car parks may be towed or clamped.


Transport to and from the College

There are is a free shuttle to the campus leaving at 7.30am and a shuttle for Foundation Studies students leaving at 8.30am. Evening shuttles return from the campus to Salmond at 6pm and 10.00pm Monday - Friday and can be booked through the online portal.


Residents should lock their room when they are not present. Residents are responsible for insuring possessions, and encouraged to do so. Insurance companies may not pay out on claims if rooms are not secured. The College Board takes no repsonsibility for loss of items.

Security cameras are present througout the College for the protection of residents. Regular security patrols are carried out by the residential staff, including RLs and security staff during the evenings. If uninvited outsiders are seen around or in the building they should be reported to the duty RL or security staff.

The College's exits lock at 9.30pm in the evenings and unlock at 7.00am in the mornings. Residents' door key card opens the front door as well as thier room.

Security guards are employed each evening from 10.15pm to ensure the safety of all students.

Guests and Leave


Visitors are welcome until 9.30pm each night, but may not drink alcohol at the College unless attending special functions such as the Ball.

Guests for Meals

Guests are welcome at meals if the kitchen or office are informed beforehand, and should be signed in on the form at the beginning of the food service by the resident hosting them. A charge is for guest meals will be placed on the resident's account.

Overnight Guests

Guests are welcome to stay overnight if a visitor form has been completed and signed by the Head or Deputy Head in most cases 48 hours prior too the guest's arrival. Extra mattresses are available but guests will need to provide their own bedding. The charge for overnight guests is noted in the Residents' Handbook.

The Head of College reserves the right to decline requests for overnight guests if that is deemed to be in the best interest of the College. Guests are not allowed in the College during closed functions or during study zone and examination periods.

Weekend or overnight leave

Residents are asked to fill in the Leave Book including a contact address when they are away from the College overnight.

Property and Damage

Damage to College property is considered a serious offence and breach of the residential contract. Such behaviour may lead to suspension, an investigation of the behaviour and possible exclusion from the College.

Damage to Property

This should be reported promptly. No charge is made for normal wear and tear, however any deliberate or avoidable damage will be charged to the person/people causing it.


All residents are advised to take out their own insurance. The Board of Knox College & Salmond College Incorporated take no responsibility for loss of residents property of any kind.

Many residents are able to insure their possessions under an extension of their parent’s policies.

Download the 2021 Residents' Handbook